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We provide a tailor-made account management service for brands on the Amazon platform

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We provide a tailor-made account management service for brands on the Amazon platform

As the biggest and fastest growing online retailer in the world, Amazon is an essential sales channel for your products. So, whether you are already selling through Amazon or just thinking of starting,
we can help you fast-track your growth and maximise channel profitability.


A boost in organic traffic

Higher conversion rates

More efficient advertising

More positive customer reviews

Sales growth


Channel strategy

together with you, we will create a strategy for your products on Amazon, which will be aligned with your overall brand strategy

Optimisation of product storefront

we will present your products in the best light on your own Amazon shop page, using customised product descriptions and top-quality images

Marketing and advertising

we will put together a marketing strategy, including optimised advertising on and outside of the Amazon platform

Search engine optimisation

we will use our knowledge of Amazon algorithms to improve your search rankings and create targeted keyword listings to dramatically improve sales conversion rates

Inventory management

we will monitor product stock performance and inform you when and in what quantities to ship products to Amazon Fulfilment Centres

Customer management

we will reply to all customer messages and questions within a 24-hour timeframe; and we will also deal with any negative feedback and product reviews to protect your brand reputation


Brand Registry

we will help you register your Brand to ensure that your brand IP is protected on Amazon

Case Management

we will help resolve any issues that are raised within the Amazon case management system

Reporting and analytics

we will create performance reports and recommend options for improvement

Account Management Made Easy

We will help you navigate the complex and continuously changing Amazon landscape and effortlessly achieve solid performance for your products. We will be with you all the way – from setting up an account (in case you need one) and defining your Amazon strategy to monitoring performance and continuous improvement. In everything that we do, we act on your behalf while you maintain full control of your account.


We charge an all-inclusive flat rate management fee. There are no upfront fees, and commission is paid after you have received your sales proceeds from Amazon.

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